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Leaflets and Publications

Customer Information Sheets

Aluminium in Drinking Water

File size: 302Kbs

Bacteria in Water

File size: 302Kbs

Blue-Green Algae

File size: 202Kbs


File size: 299Kbs


File size: 67Kbs

Discoloured Water

File size: 353Kbs

Drinking Water Quality

File size: 70Kbs

Fish Keeping

File size: 353Kbs


File size: 65Kbs

Iron & Manganese

File size: 324Kbs

Jug Filters

File size: 44Kbs

Lead in Water

File size: 302Kbs

Slime and Staining

File size: 302Kbs

Stop and think not down the sink

File size: 604Kbs

Taste and Odour

File size: 301Kbs

Water Hardness

File size: 378Kbs

White Water

File size: 353Kbs

Disconnection of water supply at customers request

File size: 32Kbs


Our Education Centres

File size: 6Mbs

Think Water

File size: 120Kbs

All publications listed below are published in PDF format for portability, you will require Adobe’s Acrobat Reader to open these files.


Our Scheme of Charges 2017 - 2018

File size: 243Kbs

For you not for Profit 2017 - 2018

File size: 504Kbs

Household Charges 2017 - 2018

File size: 54Kbs

Developer Services Schedule of Charges 2017 - 2018

This booklet contains a summary of Welsh Water’s Developer Services charges.
File size: 302Kbs

Other Charges 2017 - 2018

File size: 489Kbs

Wholesale Tariff Document 2017 - 2018

File size: 54Kbs

Environment Report 2015 - 2016

File size: 420Kbs

Surface Water Rebate 2017 - 2018

Who’s eligible and how to apply.
File size: 78Kbs

HelpU - Application For 2017 - 2018

File size: 562Kbs

WaterSure Wales

For low income families.
File size: 806Kbs

Your Water Meter 2017 - 2018

File size: 204Kbs

Your Welsh Water

Our guaranteed standards of service
File size: 834Kbs

Your Welsh Water for metered customers

Our guaranteed standards of service
File size: 322Kbs

How we handle your complaints and compliments 2017 - 2018

The procedure we follow when you complain.
File size: 157Kbs

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Access Statement

File size: 211Kbs

Supporting Development

File size: 427Kbs

Our Scheme of Charges 2015 - 2016

The company ‘charges scheme’ made under the provision of the Water Industry Act 1991.
File size: 713Kbs

A Guide to Having a Water Meter

Most frequently asked questions
File size: 257Kbs

Priority Services

Click here find out more about Priority Services and here for the application form.

Code of Practice for Unpaid Charges from Household Customers

Advice and information on what to do next.
File size: 246Kbs

Code of Practice for Leakage

For Household and Customers
File size: 980Kbs

Code of Practice for Pipelaying

Good practice with regard to our powers and duties when we lay or carry out work on pipes in private land. It also explains what you (the landowner and or occupier) are entitled to expect.
File size: 89Kbs

Application Form – Disconnection of Water Supply at Customers Request

File size: 32Kbs

Tips on using water wisely
File size: 32Kbs

DIY Water Audit (Home)

Tips on using water wisely
File size: 832Kbs

DIY Water Audit (School)


Tips on using water wisely
Don’t Crack Up, Wrap Up

How to avoid frost damaged pipes.
File size: 32Kbs


How to contact in the event of sewage flooding and how we will respond.
File size: 262Kbs

In Doubt? - Keep Them Out!

Beating the bogus caller.
File size: 10Kbs


How we deliver more for our customers.
File size: 22Mbs

Industrial Tariff (water) - Application Form

File size: 32Kbs

Industrial Tariff (sewerage) - Application Form

File size: 32Kbs

Industrial Tariff (trade effluent) - Application Form

File size: 32Kbs

Non return to sewer claim form - Application Form

File size: 32Kbs

Looking after water in your home

File size: 428Kbs

Our Sustainable Future

File size: 2.7Mbs

Temporary Disconnection of Water Supply - Application Form

File size: 78Kbs

Water Regulations

Notification of a proposed plumbing installation.
File size: 152Kbs

Welsh Language Scheme

Our commitment to the Welsh language.
File size: 111Kbs

Where Does Your Water Go

File size: 691Kbs