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Welsh Water have a water regulations team who manage compliance with the regulations.

Our water regulation officers undertake inspections of premises with new connections and also existing connections. For premises that are planned to be visited, they would be sent confirmation of proposed visit dates and times. A premises that would be considered as higher risk are things like sewage treatment plants, hospital premises, farms and chemical plants, and at such premises’ there would be more regular return visits.

The water regulations officer will look at your plumbing system / installation, assess the hazards and so the level of risk posed at a premises, and identify any non-compliances against the regulations. They will also recommend what protection measures need to be implemented to address the non-compliance.

If any non-compliances against the regulations are identified, they need to be rectified as soon as practicable. Depending on the seriousness of the non-compliance, our actions may range from the immediate shutoff or disconnection of water supply to a customer, through to issuing a 28 day notice for the customer to rectify the non-compliance, through to potential prosecutions.

It is the customer’s responsibility to carry out any work necessary to comply with the regulations. However there are other circumstances where responsibility may not lie with the customer. This may arise and depends on when your plumbing system was installed / changed, what plumber / plumbing firm was used, and whether they are classed as ‘approved plumbers / contractors’ (this is explained in the ‘Approved Installers’ section). This will be explained in more detail by the water regulations officer at the time.

Should the customer have any grievances or disputes with any work undertaken on their plumbing system or installations, we cannot provide guidance or support in this instance or in a contractual context. However we can provide advice on the interpretation of the water regulations. For ways to contact the team, please click here.