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Q. My Water is discoloured what can I do?

Discoloured water is usually caused by the disturbance of deposits in the water pipes. The disturbance of deposits can happen when a water main is shut off due to essential maintenance or in an emergency. 

Discoloured water is unlikely to be harmful to health but we wouldn’t expect anyone to drink it when it looks unpleasant. It usually clears fairly quickly after a few minutes of flushing your taps through but it may take around 45 minutes of running the tap before it clears.

Avoid washing clothes until the water is clear but if you have and the discoloured water has stained your washing, please re-wash when the supply has cleared. If the clothes are still stained after re-washing please keep the stained clothes and contact us.

Our website is constantly updated, click Planned work or Emergency work to find out more. If you are concerned and the discolouration hasn’t cleared, please contact us.

Please have a look at this factsheet to find out more information:

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