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Avoiding Drainage Problems At Home

Let's Stop The Block - In Your Home

Here are our tips for helping to Stop The Block in your home:

In your bathroom:

Just flush paper:
You should only flush away ordinary toilet roll and natural waste.

  • Ignore misleading packages and adverts:
    These suggest that it’s possible to flush items like wipes away. It is – in a way. They will pass through your toilet but often end up causing blockages further down the sewer line.
  • Bin it:
    Put items like cotton buds in the bin, not down the toilet.
  • Bag it, then bin it:
    Pop items like nappies, tampons and sanitary pads in a small (scented) plastic bag, then in the bin.
  • Be safe:
    Please don’t flush away items like razors, needles and medication – dispose of them safely.
  • Create less waste in the first place:
    Review whether you need to use all of the products or if there is a more environmentally friendly option, such as using muslin cloths instead of facial wipes.

In your kitchen:

Don’t pour cooking oil, fat or food waste down the sink:
You should only pour away water from washing your cooking utensils and cleaning.

  • Bin it:
    Wipe all pans and cooking trays with kitchen towel before washing them and put the kitchen towel in the bin. Scrape waste food from plates, recycle it or put it in your bin.
  • Bag it, then bin it:
    Pour used cooking oil, fat or grease into a suitable container when cooled, then dispose of with your domestic waste, according to the advice given by your local authority.
  • Re-use it:
    Once cooled filter the used cooking oil / fat through muslin or kitchen towel and store in a suitable container (in the fridge or freezer if required).
  • Recycle it:
    Many local authorities now make provision at their household waste recycling centres for the safe disposal of household fat and other food waste. Check your local authority website for details.
  • Create less waste in the first place:
    It’s surprising how much fat you use during cooking without realising it. Start measuring the amount of oil you use when cooking or use an oil spray.

Thank you for your help.