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My Wastewater Service Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan

Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan

We are developing a long-term plan for our drainage and wastewater services, in line with our Welsh Water 2050 Vision to become a world-class, resilient and sustainable service for the benefit of future generations. This plan will set out how we intend to extend, improve and maintain drainage and wastewater systems across Wales.

This is a new framework for drainage and wastewater management which will consider how the foul water and surface water is currently managed, helping to provide us with information to manage our wastewater systems over the next 25 years.


  • More meaningful consultation with customers, regulators, developers and other stakeholders on wastewater and drainage planning
  • We will work with our regulators and other wastewater companies to ensure greater transparency of our plans
  • Insight into predicted future trends in our wastewater services
  • Opportunities for collaborative solutions to flooding and environmental problems
  • Value-for-money investment plans that are updated on a five-year rolling cycle

Drainage Responsibilities

Drainage and wastewater systems cover a variety of drainage assets and infrastructure, including different owners and responsibilities.

Drainage Responsibilities

Involving you

We want to involve our customers and stakeholders in the development of the Drainage and Wastewater Management Plan. Once we have developed some draft plans, we will be consulting on our proposals. We will provide further information on the proposals in due course. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please click on the link