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Our fifth annual Innovation Conference was held on Thursday 19th April at The Royal College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

The event showcased the most forward-thinking and futuristic work we’ve undertaken over the last year. Examples of technology of show included Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Mobile Apps and Cognitive Chatbots. Special guest speakers included Welsh Government Permenent Secretary Shan Morgan and CEO for the Consumer Council for Water, Tony Smith.

Over the past 12 months, Welsh Water has invested £7.2 million in innovation projects that have improved services for customers and enabled them to continue to protect the environment including:

  • Augmented reality technology which gives our operatives access to information in an augmented form, without the need to read through manuals and paperwork. The technology can even be used via wearable headsets, allowing the operative to complete tasks hands-free.
  • A world-first Welsh-English bilingual chatbot, used to gain the views of customers during last summers ‘Have Your Say’ campaign. The chatbot operated on Facebook messenger and was designed to help Welsh Water reach demographic groups that are traditionally less likely to have their say – including young people. A record 20,000 customers took part in the consultation, of which 3,000 took part using the chatbot.
  • Use of aerial surveys, thermal imagining and drones to assess some of the company’s most remote locations
  • Hosting our first ever Hackathon, a two-day, cross-business workshops to tackle challenges including odour, compliance and blockages

Over 350 industry experts and academics attended the event to celebrate pioneering projects that improve performance, protect the environment and bring benefits to customers.