Chemical Investigations Programme
Dwr Cymru Welsh Water
Environment Chemical Investigations Programme

Chemical Investigations Programme

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water works to protect rivers and waterways by treating the wastewater from our homes and businesses and safely returning it to the environment.

Part of this process involves us investigating what chemical substances enter our network and studying their effect on the environment and working out how we can remove them. These chemicals include metals, industrial chemicals such as fire retardants and biocides, and pharmaceuticals. To do this effectively, Welsh Water, along with other wastewater and sewerage companies in England and Wales, participate in the Chemicals Investigation Programme (CIP), administered by UKWIR*. As part of the National CIP Programme, Welsh Water is undertaking detailed monitoring of chemicals at 15 sewage treatment works, inside our sewer network and river locations’.

More information about what CIP has discovered so far and the programme objectives are available on the UKWIR Research pages. *UKWIR is a body set up by the UK water industry in 1993 to provide a framework for the procurement of a common research programme for UK water operators on 'one voice' issues.