Dwr Cymru Welsh Water


Environment and Nature Plan for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Biodiversity Plan

Dŵr Cymru published a Biodiversity Plan in July 2017.  It is called “Making time for nature: Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s plan for maintaining and enhancing biodiversity”. 

Our Plan describes how our business interacts with nature.  It highlights what we are already doing across the business to support nature and biodiversity.  It also outlines some additional actions we intend to take by 2019. 

Doing the right thing for nature

Dŵr Cymru Welsh has published its statutory biodiversity report, “Doing the right thing for nature”. The report describes what the company has done to support nature during 2017-2019.

Chief Executive, Chris Jones, said, “I am very pleased to report that worthwhile progress has been made against all 30 of the commitments we made in our 2017 biodiversity plan “Making time for nature”.”

“Perhaps the most far-reaching change has been an increased awareness within Dŵr Cymru of the need to protect and enhance biodiversity while we go about our “day-job” of being a water and sewerage undertaker.”

“While there is still more to do, I am confident that we will be able to build on the strong progress we have already made. I hope that our legacy will include a sense of pride in our stewardship of nature, so that future customers will inherit from us a thriving and biodiverse natural environment.”