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Recent Nominations

Keep up the good work, thank you again.....

I have manhole cover that was sinking but I was not sure who owned it – you or me?  Monday 27th January I spoke to John who arranged for someone to investigate, 4 hours later I received a call from Darren to arrange for someone to call.  I explained I was not a home but the rear garden was accessible for you to look at the manhole cover.  Greg called me back and advised what would happen next and by the time I returned home on Tuesday evening the job was complete.

Thank you Jon and Greg for their helpfulness and project management skills in resolving this issue quickly.  Well Done Dwr Cymru for your service.  Keep up the good work, thank you.


Despite atrocious weather these guys carried on working......

You have been working in Trearddur Bay laying a new main.  There have been lots of people workman on this task but two guys have been there consistently.  Despite atrocious weather these guys have carried on working and their sheer ethic has been somewhat humbling to watch and I have had a ringside seat.  I have seldom seen such dogged determination to continue work in the face of some very severe weather conditions.


Well done, your men deserve a pint this evening.....

The two men who turned up to dig a 7 foot hole to locate a leak and repair in terrible weather conditions worked extremely hard throughout. They only had a pick and shovel but did not insist they wait for a mechanical digger and got on with it. Well done, they deserved a pint that evening.


Amazing experience with your Customer Services said Ms G on Twitter

Welsh Water I have to say I had amazing experience with your customer services yesterday.  Phoned up to change my account name and also report a problem with my stopcock.  My details were amended with a minimum of fuss and the problem was checked and fixed in just 4 HOURS.  Cannot fault it.  It is a pity the other utility companies (xxxxxx take note!) cannot follow this example.  Thank you.


Website told me why I has no water said Mr W on Twitter

Excellent website by @dwrcymru found out in only few clicks why I had no water today and when it will be back on.