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Developer Services Water Services Connection to a Water Main

Whether you are building a new development or replacing an existing water supply, our design team can provide you with a quotation for a new water connection.

A new water supply would be necessary if:

  • you are building a new property and require permanent supplies
  • you are building onto an existing property (for example, an extension, a granny flat or annexe)
  • you need a temporary building supply
  • you are converting a property into multiple units with individual supplies
  • you are converting a property that was once used for a different purpose (for example, converting a barn or garage into a house/home)
  • you are installing a fire apparatus, for example, fire sprinkler
  • you require a supply for irrigation purposes

A replacement water supply would be necessary if:

  • your water pressure is low and you require a larger supply
  • you want to replace an old lead supply
  • you are separating a shared supply
  • you are converting a property into multiple units with a shared supply

Please note:

As of 1st January 2016, The Welsh Government introduced the ‘Domestic Fire Sprinklers’ legislation. If you've submitted a planning application and received approval on or after this date we'll require mechanical service plans detailing the installation layout of the fire sprinkler system.

We're unable to progress your application without these plans.

  • In order to make an application online you will require a valid credit or debit card
  • The current Application Fee (to be paid at the time of making an application - non-refundable) is £76.00 + VAT (£91.20)/application
    • For Fire Sprinkler/ Large Diameter Connection (Over 63mm) the current application Fee is £2000 + VAT (£2400)
  • VAT at standard rate will be added to this charge
  • This application fee will be deducted from the applicable new connection charge when progressed

Please refer to our Guidance Notes for further information.