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Our Assurance Framework

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We have made it our vision to earn the trust of our customers every day

We welcomed the publication of Ofwat’s ‘Company Monitoring Framework’ in June 2015 as it challenges all companies:

  • to publish information that is consistently accurate and reliable;
  • continue to review what information our customers and stakeholders want and need; and
  • be transparent about the data assurance that they put in place.

The Company Monitoring Framework describes three categories of assurance. Companies are assigned by Ofwat annually to a category following a series of assessments covering a wide range of information. The three categories are:

  • self-assurance, a company uses its own discretion to provide assurance beyond the common assurance requirements;
  • targeted assurance, a company loses discretion on some areas of assurance beyond the common assurance requirements; and
  • prescribed assurance, a company loses discretion on many areas of assurance beyond the common assurance requirements.

In January 2019 we were promoted to the self-assurance category, and Ofwat confirmed:

Our ongoing objective is to make available information that is easy to understand and navigate and which enables customers to understand how we are performing. We recognise that this helps to give confidence and trust to customers and stakeholders in the information we publish.

We have a tried and tested audit and assurance framework in place that ensures standards of quality are being met. This is summarised below but we also provide links to all the various documents that we have published since the introduction of Ofwat’s Company Monitoring Framework.

Assurance Framework Table

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