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We want to help you become more efficient and our flow monitoring service can help you to understand your water use. This will enable you to understand your consumption patterns which can then be used to identify any wasteful water usage or leakage.

  • Water monitoring equipment can be connected to your water meter which enables us to track your site's water usage.
  • The water monitoring equipment records information from your water meter and transfers it into flow data. This data is then transferred to a designated website where you'll be able to monitor your water flow and consumption.
  • You’ll be able to track your water use at a glance, graphically, which will enable you to spot any potential problems such as leaks and deal with them quickly and efficiently. You can also extract and share this information with the relevant people in your business.

Why would it be beneficial to your business?

  • Having water monitoring equipment on your site will enable you to build up a picture of your water usage. These trends will help you to understand your usage, identify high consumption, peaks and troughs and baseline flows.
  • These automated readings can help you identify waste or leaks. They will certainly provide baseline data so you can optimise your water use and ensure that you manage your water efficiently and economically.
  • The alarm functionality will allow you to set and receive alarms when unusual flow levels are detected.
  • Telemetry also removes the need to access a chamber to read the meter, eliminating any Health and Safety risk.

If you think this is something that would bring benefits to your business then contact the Business Customer Team using the enquiry form link below. To access your DCWW telemetry account click here.

Case study: Telemetry at Arriva Trains


Arriva Trains Wales is a leading provider of passenger transport in Europe with around 2,000 employees operating 955 services per day. With 125 trains covering over 1,000 miles, they travel 13.7 million miles each year, handling around 65,000 passenger journeys a day and up to 12,000 customers at any one time.

Arriva Trains Wales currently manage 264 stations. Around a fifth of these stations need access to our water mains for a number of reasons including general domestic washing/toilets etc, tanking trains, train washing and station cleaning.

As part of our water efficiency programme, we helped Arriva Trains Wales Ltd reduce its water usage. We installed telemetry (data loggers) at all Arriva stations. This enabled Arriva to identify sites which had unaccounted for water usage. This highlighted areas of concern at several stations. After investigating, we helped identify and repair leaks which resulted in Arriva saving 53,000m³ of water per year; offering an average payback of less than two months.

As a result of this work, Arriva now monitors usage more effectively, identifies leaks more quickly (using the alarm function) and keeps waste and costs to a minimum.