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Business Customers

Business Customers

Welcome to the Business section of Welsh Water. We are committed to meeting the needs of our business customers. Our aim is to help all business sectors make the most efficient and cost effective use of water.

We supply to over 100,000 business customers in Wales and adjoining parts of England and recognise that improving the quality of service requires an understanding and recognition that not all our customers are alike.

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Businesses using more than 50 megalitres per year

What we can do to help your business.

We know that managing your water and wastewater effectively can improve your performance and reduce costs for your business. It can also improve your environment and sustainability performance.

At Welsh Water, we can help add value to your business through a range of tailored services including:

Account Management

A dedicated Account Management team to ensure you get the service and advice that's right for your business.

Process Audits

We can arrange for an industrial process engineer to look at water, waste and energy usage to identify clear savings and efficiencies within your site's production and operational process.


We can ensure customers are provided with an accurate and flexible way of recording and monitoring usage, safeguarding premises, and helping to identify any wasteful water usage or leakage.

Water Efficiency Survey

We can arrange to audit the domestic areas within a commercial premises to help identify savings and efficiencies by reducing the amount of water you use.

"The help and assistance given by the Business Services Team has been invaluable, enabling the University to meet criteria set out in the Green Dragon water reporting and management criteria to achieve a Level 5 award (the highest level). The Business Services Team have provided an excellent service. They have been instrumental in:
- Dealing efficiently and professionally with day to day requests regarding our account, including billing information.
- Setting up site meetings with meter inspectors to ensure our meters are correctly located
- Continuous support through catch up meetings
- Moving Forward with the development of e-procurement
- Providing confidence that Welsh Water are now becoming a forward thinking company"

Duncan Morgan
Principal Officer, Carbon Reduction, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

As a business customer am I eligible to use My bill?

Yes as a business customer you are eligible to use My bill.

It’s really easy to do, in order to register you will need:

  • Your customer reference number
  • Full postal code
  • Telephone number

Register for My Bill here.

As a business, can you help to reduce my bill?

We currently offer a variety of products & services that can help your business by reducing consumption and the cost of your water bills. To help your business become more water efficient then please click here to find out more.

I'm moving my business premises

You can tell us you're moving premises by using our online moving forms 

We'll need a meter reading on the day you move. We can do that for you if you need us to, just let us know five working days before you move.

If you know it, please give us the name of the new occupant; if the property is to remain unoccupied then we may disconnect the supply to help protect it against contamination or leakage.

If you have any problems completing the form, you can give us a call on 0800 052 0145, chat to us on , or visit us on Facebook and Twitter (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 8.30am-1.30pm). We're here to help.

What are your charges for business customers?

There are three types of measured water and sewerage charges for businesses:

The standard measured tariff; this is where a measured supply of water is made available subject to our standard terms and conditions of metered water. The sewerage charges are usually calculated on the assumption that 95% of the water consumption recorded by the meter is discharged to the sewer.

Where it's not reasonably practicable to fit a meter, or it's unreasonably expensive to fit one, then we may charge on an assessed basis which is based on the band of water charge determined by the type of business and the assumption that 95% of the water is discharged to the sewer. On change of occupier the premises will remain on the assessed measured charge however the band may be reassessed based of the type of business undertaken by the new occupier.

Customers may choose our industrial tariff when a large volume of water is used at a single site and/or the discharge of sewage is 100ml or more per annum from a single site.

For traders who've been permitted to discharge trade effluent directly or indirectly to a public sewer, they'll be charged on our trade effluent tariff. This will either be on our standard tariff, or where the volume of effluent discharged from a single site is 100ml or more, then the industrial tariff may be better for you.

You must notify us in writing in advance and agree to pay by monthly direct debit. We'll agree terms and conditions with you in each case. Failure to comply with the terms and conditions agreed may result in the tariff being withdrawn, without notice.

You'll be charged based on the band chosen for a minimum period of 12 months. Each band applies to all consumption and discharge between 1 April and 31 March and comprises of:

  • A fixed charge for the year (which includes an annual standing charge for the first meter)
  • An additional standing charge for each additional meter based on the size of the meter
  • A volumetric charge.

The charge will normally start from the first day of the month in which the application is received and will continue in future years unless you request, in writing, in advance for a change of band.

If you think you might benefit from our industrial tariff, please complete our application form and send it to us at P.O. Box 690, Cardiff, CF23 5WL.

Do business customers pay VAT on their water bills?

VAT is not currently chargeable on sewage services.

VAT is added to water supply charges to relevant industrial customers who are defined within divisions 1-5 of the Standard Industrial Classification List 1980 (SIC):

  • Division 1 - Energy and water supply industries
  • Division 2 - Extraction of minerals and ores other than fuels; manufacture of metal, mineral products and chemicals
  • Division 3 - Metal goods, engineering and vehicle industries
  • Division 4 - Other manufacturing industries
  • Division 5 - Construction

Where supplies are for both relevant industrial activities and other purposes, VAT is chargeable if the predominant activity of the customer falls within any of the above divisions. Water supply charges to all other customers are zero rated for VAT purposes.

Other services provided by the company may be subject to VAT as described in our Scheme of Charges booklet, and we will be happy to provide details when quotations are requested.

What can I do if my water supply is leaking?

We want to do everything we can to encourage our customers to detect and repair leaks as quickly as possible.  This helps us to reduce leakage and for you to potentially save money.

As a business customer, you are responsible for all the water pipework located within the boundary of your site. This includes the pipe that supplies water into your premises. You are also responsible for the maintenance of all the internal pipework and will need to arrange for a plumber to fix any leaks that you may discover.

Unlike most internal leaks which tend to be relatively easy to spot, external leaks are mostly hidden underground and often go unnoticed for long periods of time, costing large amounts of money.  The signs of an underground leak include damp patches of ground, pooling water and lush areas of vegetation in dry spells. Most internal leaks should be easier to spot such as dripping taps, but even some modern overflows discharge back into the pipework without being seen.