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To get you started, we need to ask you a few questions to help you understand how much your bill could be if you were to switch to a water meter.

There’s a few things to consider before you complete our usage calculator:

  • The calculator relies on accurate information from you. Be as honest as possible as we all probably use more water than we think.
  • We’d recommend that you enable cookies in your web browser. This will make sure the calculator works properly.
  • To apply for a meter, you need to be the registered bill payer or a tenant that pays for water to a local Council or Housing Association. You are not able to apply for a meter in advance for a property that you have not yet bought or not yet moved into.
  • If you’ve just purchased or moved into a property, let us know here and you can apply once you have your customer reference number.
  • If you pay your water to a Council or Housing Association, you won’t have a customer reference number with us so you can skip that part of the application form and just give us your full address.
  • You can switch back to your unmeasured charge at anytime up to 2 years from the date the meter was installed.*

*This option is only available to the customer who requested the meter installation. Therefore, if you have moved into a property which has a meter already, we are unable to remove the meter.
*If you have had a meter installed at the property in the past and you switched to an unmeasured charge, you will not have the option to switch from a meter to an unmeasured charge again.

We understand that changing to a meter can be a big thing. If you need any help or advice at any stage, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

We use this to calculate the average annual water consumption for your household by multiplying your usage by the number of weeks the property is occupied

We want to ensure that we calculate the average annual consumption for your household as accurately as possible. Understanding when the household is usually occupied helps us to do this

The following questions can refer to DAILY, WEEKLY or ANNUAL consumption and some refer to SUMMER MONTHS only; please ensure your response is appropriate.

Additionally, try to think of a day when consumption is increased, like a weekend when there is probably more activity in your home.

We want to ensure that we estimate your consumption as accurately as possible so it is really important that you answer the questions as accurately as you can