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Welsh Water launches pesticide awareness campaign to protect drinking water quality


Welsh Water kicks off £9million investment to boost Rhondda drinking water


Welsh Water to invest almost £1 million boost to Hereford sewer network

Welsh Water has completed work on a project worth almost £1 million which will boost the performance of Hereford’s wastewater system.


Welsh Water to mark World Toilet Day by opening treatment works to public

To mark World Toilet Day on Saturday 19 November, Welsh Water will be opening five of its waste water treatment works to local residents. The events aim to show its customers the crucial role water treatment works play in protecting public health and keeping the environment clean and safe.


Next phase of Welsh Water’s £3.5 million investment to get underway in Sketty

Welsh Water is set to start work on the next phase of its £3.5million investment in Sketty, Swansea, which will help protect the environment and improve bathing and river water quality in the Swansea Bay area for decades to come.


Strong results for Welsh Water customers

The UK’s only not-for-profit water and sewerage company has reported a strong half-year financial position and it continues to focus on delivering high quality services to its customers


Pioneering drones used to survey Welsh Water assets

They are used by the military, documentary film makers and the news – and they might soon even be delivering your parcels. Now Welsh Water has followed suit and has begun using drones to help monitor and inspect assets.


Welsh Water leading the way in fight to reduce sewer flooding and pollution misery

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is asking its three million customers to help prevent sewer flooding to their homes and local communities by changing their behaviour when it comes to what they flush down their toilets and rinse down their sinks.